Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Everybody wanna be popular
Little kids just be watching us
Through binoculars and then they go to school and copy us
But hey I'm not knockin' y'all
But how can y'all not see it's obvious
Cause cops just be bloodin' on us
When the paparazzi be spottin' us
Cause everybody just wanna be on Mtv or BET yo
Maybe season MVP or maybe even just prom King or Queen
But everybody can't be a G
O to the D and everybody can't be O to the B
But I don't know maybe this is just how it's supposed to be
But this is what'll happen to y'all
You can go crazy and beat up drunks
The tabloids sayin' that you're hooked on drugs
You cutting up your face then you saw it back up
Look, there's plenty to see
And none of these games will be change me
Imma always be O to the B, me me
I'm famous

- B.o.B. "Fame"

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